My Story

Hello I'm James and your host on the Podcast.

In June 2021, at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with a horrific condition called Motor Neurones Disease.

Once a keen runner, I completed a number of half marathons while raising money for the Motor Neurones Disease Association, I would have never thought I would now suffer from this debilitating disease.

What started life as an innocent twitch in my arm has now slowly progressed into twitching in most of my upper body and now little to no strength in my arms and hands.

The progressive nature of this disease will eventually lead to me having no muscle strength and even the ability to swallow and, last of all, to breathe.

With no cure and little to no treatment available to help me, I have no choice but to stay positive and strong for my wife and 3 children and focus on what i can do, not what i cant.

After having to give up a job and career I loved as a Barber due to the nature of ALS, Ive since found a new passion to share my journey along with others with the aim to raise as much awareness as possible.

Receiving an amazing responce from sharing my journey on social media I created a Podacst to share more. So, BEYOND MND Podcast was born.

Since the podcast has launched i have really found a passion for it and look forward to sharing my journey along with others for as long as I'm able to.

Running a website and podcast has its costs, so if you would like to support it please do so via the links below.

Thanks for reading.